Let’s build & repopulate Jericho

Web3 is supposed to be the land of builders.

Hackers, speculators, and spammers are overrepresented, but those who build and work in web3 are actually the ones who create the value.

My name is Moon and I’m writing “Let’s Fucking Build” for those who are in web3 to push it forward. Here are the things I’m going to write about:

Learn how to build & work in web3

The main idea of LFB is to share knowledge on how to build & work in the space through frameworks, business ideas, mappings, trend reviews, company analysis & more.

Discover web3 builders

It’s important to put the light on those who make the space. I will highlight a Jericho builder in every single LFB edition whether they are a freelancer, operator, founder, or investor.

Discover web3 work opportunities

Builders need builders.

I will unveil work opportunities from the Jericho network: Freelancing, full-time, co-founder. Any type of collaboration that could create value.

This isn’t your standard newsletter. We’re here to take Jericho back, repopulate and rebuild it. I’m going to often ask for your advice on how we should approach this crucial mission.

Let’s fucking build 🛠


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